Mastering Tax Homes and Multi-State Taxes: Essential Guide for CRNAs

Hey there, CRNAs! Ready for a rollercoaster ride through the twists and turns of tax homes, state-hopping, and their impact on your wallet? If you’re a locum tenens aficionado or eyeing jobs across state lines, you’re in the right place. Let’s decode the fascinating world of tax homes and multi-state taxation – it’s going to be a thrilling journey!

Decoding Your Tax Home

First things first, what’s a ‘tax home’? Picture it as your financial anchor – the main spot where you earn your bread and butter and pay those taxes. It’s probably where you hang your hat most nights. But for you globe-trotting CRNAs, here’s the catch: your tax home can play hide and seek depending on whether your out-of-town gig is a brief adventure or a more permanent change of scenery.

To pinpoint your tax home, keep these three checkpoints in mind:

  1. Business Hub: Your tax home is where you’re making those dollars and catching Zs.
  2. Double Dipping in Living Expenses: Forking out extra for living while traveling? This means your tax home might be elsewhere.
  3. Home Sweet Home: Your usual residence hasn’t lost its status as your tax home.

Tax Twists for Traveling CRNAs

For the nomadic CRNAs among us, tax tales get more intricate. Short stints away from your tax home, usually under a year, are your typical travel assignments. These jaunts can jumble up your tax situation, particularly with lodging and dining – big slices of a locum’s pie. Grasping how these factor into your taxes, either as reimbursements or allowances, is key.

Then, there’s the smorgasbord of deductibles – travel, laundry, phone bills, and more. Each nibbles away at your tax profile, especially if you’re rocking the 1099 independent contractor style, as opposed to a W-2.

CRNAs Crossing State Lines – Tax Tango

Here’s the biggie: working in different states. If your work takes you to another state, expect to pay taxes there. But it’s not all about state taxes; local levies can join the party too.

Picture yourself as a jet-setting NBA player, dropping hoops in Detroit one day and LA the next. Like them, you’ll pay taxes in each state you work. But hey, your home state’s got your back with a tax credit for what you pay elsewhere, dodging the double-taxation bullet.


Navigating the maze of tax homes and multi-state work is like a strategic game for CRNAs. Staying sharp and seeking expert tax advice is crucial in this complex terrain. Every move you make has a ripple effect on your net income.

Thanks for hopping on this exhilarating ride into the realm of tax homes and multi-state careers for CRNAs. Remember, knowledge is your financial superpower. Stay savvy, sharp, and ready for success in whichever state your career blooms! 🚀🌟